Life in Spain: The Good & The Bad

Not bad

Live La Vida

Hey everyone,

Now that we’ve been living abroad for about a year and a half, we wanted to share some of the things we love (and some things we dislike) about living here in Spain.

IMG_7369 (1) Plaza de España, Sevilla

We’ll start with the bad…

No Central Heating

This might be the worst thing for us, especially since it’s winter now! I know what you might be thinking…Sevilla has beautiful weather, why would we need central heating?! Believe it or not, the winters here do get relatively cold, especially at night and in the early mornings (as low as 30 F or -1 C). Now that you know that, imagine living in a place with no central heating (this includes some shops, restaurants and even the school where we work!). Luckily for us, we have two space heaters that we use in our apartment–one in our bedroom and the other in…

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