Intergration Time



Breakfast…” Luna, naked and shimmering, beaded water hugged her skin from the shared shower, asked, “…at Sadie’s? Although, it’s more like lunch.”

Sadie’s?” Chloe said, towelling herself “Which place was that?”

Oh, I haven’t taken you yet? Sadie’s, definitely then,” Luna dried quickly, rapidly threaded her towel through an airing rack to walk through to the bedroom, searching for clothes, “Remember when I took you to Harper’s? The place we danced…”

Yes…” Chloe followed, longing once more for Luna’s sharp edges to graze her lips again.

Sadie’s is the daytime equivalent, they’re right next to each other.”

Chloe watched Luna’s searching eyes, until they found what she was seeking, her mobile. Chloe intercepted the mobile and held it with a smile, “Ahem…”

Well, Well….” Luna looked up, away from Chloe’s hand to her gentle form, filtered through daylight streaming in the windows and felt…

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