Eight Plant-Based Proteins to Power Up Your Vegan Diet

Power source


Damn vegans, am I right?

We’ve earned quite the reputation in modern society. Obnoxious, pretentious, and unable to refrain from announcing our lifestyle at the absolute worst times.

Hey, I get it. We’re annoying. I won’t go into why we’re so proud of our diets or what a difference it can make in our environment, but I will say that if we have to sport the “annoying vegan” tag, meat-eaters have to sport the “professional FBI investigator” tag.

No matter how politely I turn down meat, I am always bombarded with a variety of questions. “Why?” “How?” “Since when?” “Aren’t you starving?” “Are you sure you don’t secretly eat meat at night when nobody’s watching?” and of course the unavoidable “How do you get your protein?”

Contrary to popular belief, meat is not the only source of protein. Relying on plant-based products for all of my nutrients has forced me…

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