Unstructured Data

Structure of new business

Ontology 101

If you haven’t dealt with real-world data yet, you’re probably assuming that most data out there is structured. Haha, we wish too!
Fact: About 80% of data is unstructured

Q. So, what is Unstructured Data?
A. To understand what unstructured data is, let us compare data to shapes. Most data we initially dealt with were in the form of tables, or rectangles. Now if real-world data had so many constraints such as a primary key, foreign key and so on, it would get complicated, judging just by the magnanimity of data.
To handle this problem of imperfect data, we introduced the concept of Unstructured Data.
Unstructured data is any data that is not in the form of a rectangle. It is truly unstructured, in the sense that it can take any shape and form. It is information that does not have a pre-defined data model like the row-column…

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