Sad Smile

Soul sad



Still hear your voice
Echoin’ from deep within
and your footsteps
still walking down the hall

I can still see your smile
so clearly
as clear as an empty sky

I thought it’s but for a while
and that you’ll stay ‘till my eyes are dry
but your by my side
even when I started to smile

Still dream of that place
first day I saw your face
that day is my greatest
but I could never forget
the sadness in your face

Did you see these days?
are they marked on my face?
then why did you walk with me?
Is there no other story?

Looking the other way smiling
then you caught my eyes sudden
I never saw sadness so sudden
like you already know it all’s gonna happen

You loved me so
but what’s with the smile
a sweet cry?
a lovely sigh?
oh sad smile

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