Russian criminal tattoos – the language of cultural hierarchy?

Its their reality hidden

Tattoo Culture

Are tattoos the anchor that holds together the culture in Russian prisons?


When talking about culture and society, what we usually have in mind is what is happening in the reality around us, in the “free world” where citizens exercise their rights to free will and self- expression. Our individual perception however, can only scratch the surface of the ways in which culture germs, develops and changes in different environments. As by definition it is a system of symbolic forms through which people communicate, perpetuate, and develop their attitudes toward life, we often unconsciously restrict it only to the world we know and live in. If culture is indeed, as Clifford Geertz argues, the webs of significance the human being has spun around himself, than it must also be a reflection of the human perception of the environment he has been placed in. Our grasp of the world though, covers…

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