Neon Signs

Glow bulbs


Neon signs have charm. They’re warm. Pleasant. Alive. Welcoming. They glow in a way that feels other worldly. They’re not normal.  They have character. Neon is beautiful.

I regularly notice the lack of that warm neon glow in Boston. LED signs have quickly replaced neon signs in recent years — they’re much cheaper, reliable, rugged, and quickly available. But, they also have no charm, no artistic vision and no notion of craftsmanship. Oh, and maybe the worst part — the light from an LED sign is harsh and uninviting. Instead of inviting interest and wonder, they repel with their annoying lights and cheap construction.


Fortunately, neon is only rare and not extinct. On a recent trip to Montreal, we noticed an abundance of storefronts displaying beautiful, custom neon signs. This pineapple neon sign warmly welcomed us when we wandered into Le Mal Nećessaire.

And there are neon gems out on display all around!…

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