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Katie Pink Tolley

I’m a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner turned Holistic Wellness Coach… and there is a HUGE REASON WHY. img_2079

I started learning about nutrition before my son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 8. We knew red dye, yellow dye, and ALL artificial food dye played a part. You should have seen the trash bags that left my house that day! I even did some of my graduate research on it. We made changes in our diet, we saw obvious differences…. my sweet Taz didn’t spin quite as much anymore, fascinating.

Fast forward a few years. More changes were necessary… things were getting worse not better. Mama had to do her research again. I’ve learned a lot. All the details don’t matter, the WHAT TO DO does matter. Without eliminating the toxins, and then cleaning up and detoxing, there was a compound effect, and it would get worse. Heartbreaking, but motivating!

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