Love and Stuff: Valentine’s Edition

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Knotty Girl

fb458e7f-4bb4-4696-a3a6-e299da71b4acI had just left the grocery store when I received this text from The Boyfriend:

“Wanna go to dinner tonight for Valentine’s?”

Bless his heart. I know this man well enough to know the last thing he wants to do is to go out to dinner on a week night. I certainly do not want to go to out to dinner just because it’s Valentine’s Day. I had already planned on cooking his favorite meal…a meal in which I can’t stomach to eat myself…but it’s Valentine’s Day and he deserves it. And now because he sent me that text, I will be able to cook this meal for him without cursing how vile the meal is under my breath because I love him.*

 Ladies and Gentlemen, The Boyfriend and I are THIS CLOSE to being all sickly sweet and sharing our cheesy adoration towards each other on all social media outlets…

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