Healthy Body; Happy Wallet – How to Eat Well on a Budget

Be veggie

Shannon Emanuelle

It only takes one look at the stereotypical university student to discover that a young person on a budget usually lives on a diet consisting of three things; bread, takeout and cheap alcohol. In recent years, we’ve seen a ‘healthy’ lifestyle become something seemingly exclusive and difficult. Even Vegan and Paleo diets are seen as something slightly glamorous nowadays. I am asked questions like “Oh you’re vegan? Don’t you have to have so much money to live that way?” frequently. I find this surprising because some diets that are considered ‘healthy’ or even restrictive had a totally different stigma attached to them only a few years ago. Rewind five years and the word ‘vegan’ conjured up images of a dirty old hippie walking around with long hair, flared trousers, sandals and a ukulele. Now, thanks to social media, the word ‘vegan’ conjures up images of slim, tanned Instagram models who…

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