Club 500

All are welcome

wordpress_500_followers-3500.  A milestone.

If you embrace the concept of numerology, or ‘Angel Numbers’, as some refer to them, the number 500 represents sweeping changes in one’s life, a transition from the ‘old ways’, towards motivated, positive growth.  500 promotes courage and personal freedom, the traits necessary to achieve your life’s mission, as only your intuition and higher-self understands.

Perhaps the universe is speaking to me.

It began a little over a year ago with an idea and an aspiration.  The world needed more Blogs. I occasionally had something to say.  So why not?

After comparing the attributes, the pros and cons, glowing reviews versus scathing criticisms, I had to choose a platform.  Would it be WordPress or Blogger?  Beta or VHS?

No surprise to anyone reading, WordPress won the Pepsi challenge.

And, 15 months later, I find myself at mile marker 500. 

500 WordPress followers.

Quite an accomplishment for an inspirationally-challenged…

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