BHP EXCLUSIVE: Greig Robertson interviews himself about volunteering in rural South Africa

African safari

Bucket Hat Paradigm


I sit in the shade of reception at Orange Elephant backpackers in Addo, Eastern Cape, South Africa, protected from the scalding sun. My interviewee is irked when he arrives because his washing is not fully clean, despite putting it on two separate cycles. He is a man of average proportions, mediocre if you will, but with a long, glorious mane of hair. He sits down, wearing a t-shirt with Louis Theroux’s image emblazoned on the front and readies himself for my questions by tying back his flowing golden locks.

So Greig, you’ve been here in Addo for a month now. To help the audience visualise our location, could you please describe the setting. 

IMG_9056.JPG The Road to Lenmore (the only shop in walking distance).

Of course. Addo town centre consists of a petrol station, a police station, a small grocery store and several ATMs. It is found along a seemingly perpetual…

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