An Effective Website: The Basic Ingredients

Like flour for a cake

City Business Library

Trying to run a business without a website could be considered self-sabotage in an age where 81% of shoppers are said to conduct research online before making a purchase, and is most probably the 2017 equivalent of refusing to set up a commercial phone line. As the digital revolution snowballs into an avalanche of add-ons, phone apps and other instant consumer solutions, our expectations of professionalism have soared, creating a generation of customers that simply refuse to settle for second best. Any business hoping to slip an outdated and badly-designed website through the door unnoticed is in danger of losing more money than it’s trying to save, risking an online reputation that is integral to all marketing efforts to come.

Operating as a design, development, and marketing hub for creatives, entrepreneurs, and business-owners of all shapes and sizes, Buzz Bar is the walk-in media shop London never knew it needed…

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