11 Things You Need To Stop Putting Off If You Want The Bullshit Out Of Your Life

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Bagus GhufronBagus Ghufron

Whether or not you consider yourself a serial procrastinator, we all have things that have populated our ‘To Do’ list for far too long. And no, I’m not talking about the little things that you keep putting off –like cleaning your bathroom –I’m talking about the heavy hitters.

The major decisions, mental shifts, and actions we all know we want to take, but for one reason or another, we keep putting off.

Despite all being unique, there are certain big things that we can all benefit from doing. Here are 10 that I, and several of my friends, have all made a point of incorporating over the past little while and are more than happy with the impact they’ve had on our lives and overall well-being.

1. Simplifying Our Living Space

Whether you live in a tiny apartment, on a massive estate, or you still find yourself confined…

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