“You’re Too Skinny”

Just check it

Stay True. Stay You.

“You are too skinny.”
“You are so tiny.”
“Have you lost weight?”
“You look skinnier than the last time I saw you.”
“Yeah, you gained a little bit of weight.”
“Is she anorexic?”
These are all things I have heard within my lifetime from people. Statements and questions that people have made towards me whether to my face or behind my back. Yes, I enjoy hearing from others that I look skinny, especially with how hard I’ve been trying to improve my health by eating right and exercising. But there comes a point where it’s considered body shaming and it tends to affect my mentality.
I hate hearing from others that I’m “too skinny” and that I need to eat more. (I would just like to put on the record that I can eat a large basket of chicken wings from Buffalo Wild Wings all by myself.) The thing is, we…

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