Where is the love?


Edwin Kuria

It is a lazy Sunday evening. I am headed to town to meet my brother, he had come by on business and promised to buy “tea”. Music is blaring from the numerous speakers in the bus and I can hardly concentrate on anything. Seated next to me are two kids’ (siblings I assume), a girl aged around 12 and a young boy aged around 8 years. They are sharing a seat, the boy is seated on the girls lap. They are both fast asleep. Their clothes are dusty an indication of a long day having fun. The girl opens her eyes, wakes up the brother and whispers something to him. He sleepily turns his head and they both fall asleep again. Soon enough they start snoring and even the jolting of the bus wakes them up nor disturbs their sleep. Their mother (who apparently was seated behind them) wakes the…

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