The Lovers. (The Things We Tell Ourselves)

Mad am love


We humans tell ourselves many, many things: that there is a reason things happen; that things were or were not meant to be. The universe has lessons for us. There is a right time. There is kismet, fate, serendipity. The future is predictable; the lines of our palms hold secrets. Magic and myth; truth, meaning, symbolism.

Some things we tell ourselves are true. Others, not so much.

Tarot cards as divination devices have a relatively short history: the most reliable (or at least serious-seeming) sources seem to agree that while tarot decks date back to the mid-fourteenth century in Italy for a game based on “triumphs,” or “trumps,” called tarocchini (tarot in French; Tarock in German), the use of a 78-card tarot deck as a means of divination can be dated only to about 1750 (playing cards as a means of divining the esoteric truths of things can be…

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