“Instant” Oatmeal Jars

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I’ve seen this idea bounce around the internet so I finally got around to trying it.

The idea is that you can make oatmeal in a canning jar.  The instant part is that you can set up the jars ahead of time.

The recipe I used said to put 1/2 cup of regular oats in a pint jar, add toppings, and set aside.  To cook, bring 1 cup of liquid to a boil, add to jar, seal and let sit.

It’s simple and it does work.  I made 5 jars: cocoa nibs and freeze dried strawberries, walnuts and freeze dried strawberries, coconut and cocoa nibs, freeze dried raspberries and cocoa nibs, and freeze dried raspberries and pecans.

I’ve only eaten two of them and this is why – that is way too much oatmeal for me to eat in the morning.  If I push it, I can eat the jar…

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