How To Be The Worst Person At Yoga Camp

Don’t go for it

Thought Catalog


I am not a yogi. I can do like, max 4 breaths in downward dog before my arms start to tap out. I can’t shift my body into tons of positions (all of which I’ve learned almost solely from watching yoga on YouTube instead of going to classes, because I’m intimidated). And I’m bad at mindfulness, I can’t tell you the last time I let myself fall asleep without a combination of melatonin and Netflix so that I can ensure I’m not going to be alone with my thoughts for too long.

But I had a rough winter. Out of nowhere I was having anxiety and depression thoughts I hadn’t dealt with in a similar intensity for a decade. Nothing “happened” — I have a great job, I have a lot of people who inexplicably care about me enough to listen to me cry on the phone for however long…

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