Having no fear for the outcome of 1000 battles

300 soliders

Daniel J Scheufler

“Know thy Enemy, and know thy self, and you need not fear the outcome of 1000 battles.” Sun Tzu places a high value on this knowledge. Today I want to focus on the ‘know thyself’ bit. For those unfamiliar with The Art of War, you can find an approachable summary here. Additionally there is a free audio book here. The General corresponds to the CEO or the director of a department. And it is from these men/women that a company’s vision is derived. The trouble is the army does not know itself. The modern soldier corresponds to the employee. If you ask an employee what they do to contribute to the corporate goal, and often they cannot answer. The vision is not well translated to the soldiers.

The ideal situation allows the employee to dictate the connection of their action to the goal of the company. I have…

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