The Importance of Teeth

Teeth says

Come On, Give Me A Break

I am an omnivore, I will eat anything that tastes good, I will occasionally eats things that don’t, but that just means I never have to stick them into my gob again, my vegan daughter makes incredible chive and tofu potstickers, which are as good as the meat filled ones I eat in London’s Chinatown , but in a different way, they are equally excellent.

I don’t care if its made from flesh, as long as it is treated well before it is dispatched, or if it is pulled from a field, or picked from a tree, or caught from the sea, I am happy to eat Chickpeas as I am Beef, whilst I love Jamon Iberico, I also dream about fried courgette flowers, I could not pick between the two as to which is my favourite.

But what ever you need to eat, you need teeth to do it……Pull…

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