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Originally Published on LinkedIn, February 13, 2017

 My wife and I frequently comment on the similarities in television scripts. They ride waves of popular plot lines and sometimes borrow from real news – “ripped from the headlines” as the Law & Order franchises used to frequently boast.

Time shifting massively, as we do, sometimes we see related programs months after they aired and compress the time between which different shows were broadcast. We wonder out loud about the possibly lazy writers who must work on both.

One recent example is the device shared by NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans – of an agent slipping back ‘undercover’ when an old target pops up out of context.

And of course, it seems ‘amnesia’ as a plot device never goes out of style.

If you’re not an avid viewer but once were, you may recall plot trends – like hypnosis, or rolling casinos…

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