Proflight’s young female pilot inspires a new generation to aim high

Aim high fly high dream best

See Through Zed

By See Through Zed

Zambia’s youngest commercial pilot, Besa Mumba, is now six months into her job with Proflight Zambia and has already clocked up 300 flying hours as well as proving an inspiration to young women and men across the country.
Besa Mumba came on board last year, after completing her training in Pretoria, South Africa, at the renowned SIMU Flight School. Now the 20-year-old is a fully-qualified pilot working full-time with Proflight Zambia, based in Lusaka.
She has already been back to her old high school, St Mary’s, to extol the virtues of being a female pilot in a former man’s world, and is looking forward to visiting more schools to tell eager young listeners just what flying a plane as a career really involves.
“A lot of people reach out to me and say they are inspired by my story,” she says. “They say that it is…

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