Kölsch in Köln

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On the Road with Borrowed Clothes

Cologne, Germany. August 2016

In the final and perhaps warmest week of August, I traveled to Bad Honnef and swiftly onto Cologne with two colleagues for a weekend of city sightseeing and a local rock music festival, Rheinspaziert. It was my first time going beyond the Bavarian boarder- and I was not disappointed with what the Rhineland had to offer.

koln Köln

We drove the 6 hours on and off the autobahn to my colleague’s family home (stopping only for traffic and McDonalds), and then headed to the local (and only?) bar in town for some Kölsch- the locally brewed larger style beer, regularly served in a thin 0.2L glass. In comparison to the 1L Oktoberfest masses and the more commonly found 0.5L Bavarian standard-sized beer, drinking a Kölsch was like taking a shot. We played a German drinking game involving dice (I’m still hazy on the rules) which I proceeded…

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