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Morning Yoga, Bali. October 2016

This is the view on my first morning in Bali, October 5, 2016. I’m sweeping the area where I’ll teach yoga for the guests and workers at the Jiwa Damai Retreat Center I’m calling home for the next two months. Mostly I’m sweeping up any little pieces of gecko poop that landed on the ivory tiles; the geckos like to hang out and scamper along the exposed wood beams in the ceiling during the night and, well, bombs away. Even if they are just a little less than a quarter inch bombs, no one will want to roll their yoga mat over them.

It’s 7:00 a.m. In 25 minutes I’ll hit a gong letting everyone in the area know yoga starts in five minutes. You know, I haven’t actually banged that big gong yet so I hope I do it right. It’s wonderfully quiet and peaceful here with just a few workers up…

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