The Post-it Note

Re posting


Feels like I’m forgetting something!” – thought my weary mind.

At times when I’m alone, which is mostly the case, I stumble upon random thoughts. Blankly staring at the void, I keep rephrasing that ideas that knock on my cognitive door. I would mumble to satiate my opinionated self. Like the other day I was thinking –

How shallow people’s perceptions are and it irks me. I’m constantly being chased to be bitten but my participation to this race is totally involuntary. 

The aforementioned sentence would’ve made more sense if given the context but in such restless times when I would toil to be poetic like this –

There’s something out of sight,

That’s pinching me hard upright;

Is it the expression I failed to comprehend?

Or is it the tone I didn’t understand?

I might have overlooked things in due stress,

Whatever that might be, now I…

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