When You’re The Person Who Always Forgives The Wrong People

You are God

Thought Catalog

Annie ThebyAnnie Theby

Mistakes are always going to be a part of our lives. From the wrong words we said, to the bad actions we have done that affects people all around us. Yet how can you describe the feeling of always forgiving other people who can’t apologize and admit the wrong things that they have done to you.

Those who scarred your heart. Those that gave you sleepless nights and a pair of red eyes. When you are the type of person who always chooses to understand even if it’s the hardest thing you could ever do in a situation that you can never erase from your mind. When you always lend a hand and accept apologies you have never received.

It’s like looking at an airplane peacefully flying in the sky. It’s like watching the waves go after they touched the shore. It’s like feeling the beauty of the sunset…

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