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Jump! Next time you’re in front of the camera, jump! It’s so much fun.

The camera can cause anxiety and can encourage its subjects to quickly produce fake, staged faces and forced expressions. Awkwardness. Dopiness. Destination for photos? Trash. But, there are alternatives!

When you jump in front of the camera you focus on bending your knees and leaping! You don’t think of yourself or the image the camera will capture. You don’t think of that pimple or that weird patch of hair just above your right eyebrow — you think of jumping! You feel joy! You smile! You don’t care that people are around and that a camera is in front of you, you only care about jumping!

The camera catches the joy that is paired with the physical act of jumping. Hair flies, clothes become weightless, and your face erupts with a genuine smile.

Jumping in front of the camera is so…

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