How New Age Thinking Can Accidentally Ruin Your Life

But builds from ashes

Thought Catalog

Jesse HerzogJesse Herzog

In Jungian psychology, there’s something known as a “shadow” or “shadow aspect.” It refers to the unconscious aspects of our personalities, and is widely adopted in many modern spiritual teachings. The shadow of deserving is entitlement. The shadow of creativity is rumination. It’s the yang to every yin, the dark to every light. Ironically, it’s presence is rarely recognized in a lot of new age ideologies.

New age thinking is empowering, liberating, and largely positive. It focuses on self-responsibility, healing, affirmation and service to others. It moves “god” from being something you worship to something you are.

However, it can also make you believe that every negative thought that passes your mind will manifest into reality (it won’t). That everything you feel is real (it isn’t). That not loving yourself enough is the reason you don’t have your life partner (many people who don’t fully “love themselves” do)…

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