Alternating Hot & Cold Showers: how hydrotherapy can improve your overall health.

Get hot in winter and cool in summer if any is really crazy and want to do new try the challenge, just reverse it as cold in winter and hot in summer, then we can test hydro therapy

Karlee Handy

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 5.23.31 PM.png

This is much easier said than done and trust me it takes some warming up (literally) to actually commit to doing alternating hot & cold showers. I learned about this almost a year ago and have just begun actually doing these showers occasionally/trying to work them into my daily routine. As much as I’d love to say I practice what I preach, with this one it’s taken a bit longer to get into the habit of doing. However, since I started 2 weeks ago I’ve already seen astonishing results. For me, being someone who has poor circulation & is always cold, this is a no-brainer!

What is it?

Alternating hot & cold showers are beneficial to your body in many ways by increasing blood flow from one area of your body to another. The heat will bring your blood vessels to the skin, supplying the area with oxygen and nutrients…

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