In Pursuit of Financial Freedom

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In Pursuit of Financial Freedom

It’s now 2017 and it feels like you have gone through a roller coaster.  You’ve had a ton of ups and downs with time and financial freedom, but by the grace of God you are still here.  You may constantly ask God to send you guidance, perseverance, aptitude, and help in general to make it on top.  You get on your knees night and day praying that one day, somehow someway you will have the time and finances you’ve dreamed for.  You know deep-down you are destined for greatness.  Within every fiber of your being, you are thinking of ways to provide for your family because working two or more jobs will not cut it.  You are desperate to get out of debt, only to know you have gotten more and more into debt.  Collection calls keep coming, bills never end.  You are dodging them at all cost.  It’s a…

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