In-flight observations


Little Voices

plane-691084_960_720 Acclimatizing to the local culture while still in the air [Image credit:] Travelling to an unfamiliar country?

Some quick observations on your co-passengers’ in-flight behaviour can speak volumes about the local culture. A handy hack to help beef up your knowledge of the place, saving you some surprises once on-ground.

Board a flight to India and you’ll have friendly ‘uncles’ and ‘aunties’ doling out life advice and casually slipping in a line about how you should be married by X age. If you are particularly unlucky, through some distant relationship (familial or friendly), this ‘uncle’ may well turn out to be your actual uncle. Not-so-polite dealings with the on-air staff. Manspreading and losing your arm rest to your co-passenger would be a common occurrence. You’ll witness a considerable disregard for rules (even if directly related to personal safety) and queues.

What do these cues indicatively tell you? A collectivistic culture…

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