Settling back home after living in Cambodia

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Honey I’m homeeeee. Okay sorry I’ve not posted in like six weeks, life has been pretty busy I’m not going to lie. No excuse though but yeah, time to get back to the blogging game, well hopefully.

I’m back in England and all settled into the swing of life so much easier than I thought possible. I find it crazy to think that less than seven weeks ago I was living in Phnom Penh – like woah!!!

I’m definitely not the kind of girl that goes into things half heartedly and if I do something it’s all or nothing. I’ve definitely learnt that about myself recently and I’m totally cool with it too.

Taking a huge step back I look over the last six months of my life and just think, flip me, that was actually such a brave thing to do, to just go and live across the otherside…

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