How To Find Yourself In 7 Easy Steps

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This is how you lose yourself. Slowly. In a manner that sucks out the life in you and what remains after that. Like corrosion destroying metal over the years, or the way a wound stings after being poured with antiseptic. Like so many things. Like your childhood memories resurfacing after you pass by your old neighborhood. But it doesn’t bring back fond memories. It brings back old terrors.

Step 1. Indulge in materialistic pleasures.

Do not think how certain things will benefit you once you purchase them. Only think how good they will look in your living room or on you or for whatever purpose they may serve. Think of the praises and compliments you’ll soon be getting once you show them off. Post them on social media and say how blessed you are. How else will your peers know your ability to purchase these useless things?

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