How Starting Yoga Helped Me Reclaim Control Of My Life

Control body

Thought Catalog / Henk Badenhorst / Henk Badenhorst

I started yoga before I was diagnosed with a cavernous angioma, and because it looked like an easy way to lose weight. At 18, I marveled at how flawlessly these tiny women moved from pose to pose with the elegance of ballerinas and the strengths of weight lifters. In all fairness, they do make it look so easy in virtually every photo and video, and they did then too. I remember thinking to myself, “Yes, that looks simple enough. All of my baby pudge will be gone in a matter of months and I will be the slender, willow-like figure I was always meant to be.” Oh how incorrect I was.

I was not flexible by any means, and I was lacking in upper body strength. These were both things I wanted to improve on, but I also was just tired of hating how I looked…

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