Heart Disease: Causes and Risk Factors

Find the root cause


The leading cause of death in the United States is Heart Disease and has been the leading cause for decades. Your heart pumps every day and every minute, so protecting it from disease is very important.


Cardiovascular disease is the narrowing, blocking or hardening of the blood vessels caused by the build up of plaque.  Plaque is made of cholesterol and other deposits in the artery.

blocked-vessel-picture-cdc Arteriosclerosis. Image via CDC

Over time, the blockage weakens the muscles of the heart.  Your heart has to pump harder and work more to move the same amount of blood through these blocked vessels.  Imagine drinking a milkshake and there is a chunk stuck in the straw, think of how much work you go through to get that piece moving through the straw.  Your heart is doing the exact same thing with a blood vessel, but unlike the milkshake, the pressure is…

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