Fastidiousness of Taste

Milky bar give me the power

Love, Fun & Happiness

Remember those good old days? Those days when most admirable, valuable and favourite thing was “outside” (a fruitful playtime outside your house). By that time that was what the kids were doing. I am not sure what they are doing nowadays and certainly I don’t know what they have a craving for but as per that time I had a craving for instant noodles. My mind always went for instant noodles. A bowl of steaming comfort topped with egg and fried shallots, drenched in my favourite savoury soup.

When I was a young boy, this meant stop playing, and rush to the house ask my sister to make me some or do it myself the best way I knew how. Of course, later on, instant noodle brands came up with all kinds of flavours you could ever imagined. But, as always, nothing beats the classics.

It’s all about the signature taste that brings you back to reminisce the old…

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