Does Bad Posture Have A Negative Impact On Mental Health?


Baby Boomer Today

Researchers have shown that your posture has a big impact on your mental health. While we know that physical health and mental health are closely linked. Who would have suspected that sitting up straight could help you to feel happier?

Scientists have shown time and again that bad posture has a negative impact on health. A study published in Health Psychology reveals that people who slump are more phlegmatic, gloomy, and sad compared to those who sit, or stand up, straight.

Dr Elizabeth Broadbent and her team, previously conducted separate research which indicates that slouching negatively impacts a persons mental health. According to her research this is because it can damage the persons self esteem. She also shows that good posture can improve your energy levels, build your confidence and alleviate depression. She adds that sitting up straight can make a person feel more accomplished, more confident, and comfortable.


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