12 tips for travelling makeup addicts

Don’t be addicted

wanderluster '98

Travelling and being a makeup addict can be tough. Can i really pack everything i need along with my entire makeup collection? Well, no. No you can’t. However, these tips might help you:)

  1. Bring 2 foundations – bring one foundation that is your current skin colour and one that is darker
    You are bound to get a tan when away so bring 2 foundations so you can mix them together to create an exact match to your skin colour throughout your travels. Plus it means your foundation will last longer!
  2. Don’t bother to bring a tinted moisturiser!
    I know, I know every beauty blogger will disagree with me. What is normally an “essential” for every holiday look is actually extremely pointless. What is the difference to adding your regular foundation to your regular moisturiser? Plus it will leave you with more room for lipsticks.
  3. Palettes, palettes, palettes!
    They are so…

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