Identity Crisis

Sel fish

Quaint Murmurs

Most people have a definite answer when asked the question where you are  “originally” from. However, I always find myself confused when I’m asked that question. Should I say Mumbai because the place I call home is here? Or  Kerala because it’s my “native place”, Or should I say Delhi because I was born there?

I always prided myself in having 3 places to trace back my origin to. However, recently, I truly discovered to my utter disappointment the meaning of the phrase-“dhobi ka kutta, na ghar ka, na ghat ka”. I cannot say I belong to a place in Maharashtra, because let’s face it, my Marathi speaking abilities is not really that good. Someone once, shocked on finding out that I’m a malayalee exclaimed-“You cannot be a south Indian. I always thought you were from North!” Happens, I thought, after all I was born in Delhi. But when I…

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