Tết – Part 3, Reconnecting :|: Vietnam

Soul connection

As soon as the big feast, ceremony and fireworks on Lunar New Year’s eve end, people usually go to bed so they may wake up early the next day for a few other Tết rituals.

First week of the New Year

On Lunar New Year’s Day, my parents would get up early despite going to bed late the night before. We had a whole list of things to do, places to be that day so there’s no time to waste. My dad would clean up the ashes of burned offerings from the previous night’s ceremony and take the goldfish and release it at lake Ngọc Khánh near our house. In the meantime, my mom would be reheating the food from the midnight ceremony, my brother and I help her and by the time my dad comes back, we would sit down to enjoy our New Year’s brunch.

Visiting Temple or Pagoda

In the new…

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