Slimming world blog – week 4

Set for your world


Day 22:

Breakfast: Tomato, Bacon and Mushroom. A cooked breakfast always makes me feel full and starts the day on a good note, food-wise

Lunch: Homemade soup, a great way to fill up on speed food. The more speed food you eat, the better, it makes me feel healthier and gives you a big energy boost!

Dinner: Chicken with noodles and carrot, pepper, onion and garlic. This is such a quick and easy meal because everything can be cooked all in the same pan! Adding some soy sauce always gives it extra flavour along with the garlic – and it’s a free sauce, Bonus!!

Day 23:

Breakfast: Lots and Lots of fruit!!! Strawberries, melon, grapes and pineapple, half of these being speed food is good, starting the day off with a healthy kick, feeling more motivated each day!!

Lunch: Tuna Pasta salad, part of the slimming world range at iceland…

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