Bengali Cooking: Paneer Curry

Paneer ka thadka


NB: this post, or any like this, are NOT recipes. They are just my stories behind something I have cooked.

palak-paneer-recipe23 Image courtsey:

Say Indian food and most people will say ‘I love Palak Paneer’ (‘Chicken Tikka Masala’ coming in as a close second)

I detest both. Why ? Because in my snobbish opinion they have no subtlety of flavour. Both are the mish-mash of heavy flavours.  But it’s probably the same reason I prefer Vietnamese food over Thai.

Also every time someone orders palak paneer I am reminded of my father. My hardcore Bengali father, born and brought up in Calcutta, used to say “please no green ointment” if we ever suggested Palak Paneer. (referring to the green sludge the paneer nestles in) My mother used to say ‘its for people with no teeth’.

Yes we were very ‘tolerant’ like that.

Now I am biased and will say try the…

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