Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes (V, VG, GF)

Protein packs

Earthy Tales

Okay, you caught me. I have an obsession with Peanut Butter. My most favourite part, and probably why I’ve developed said obsession, is that I’ve discovered an all natural peanut butter that contains no crap. See you later sugar, see you never added butters, just plain old nuts and salt. Now I’m sure I’ve raved about this peanut butter in some of my other recipe blogs, but the brand is called ‘Mayvers’(this is not a sponsored post, just sharing a product I love) and not only do they do natural peanut butter but also other delicious natural spreads such ascacao and chia seeds – they have a total of eight different spreads. I love a good bargain, and really don’t like paying a fortune for healthy food just because it’s labelled as “healthy” so when I discovered this jar of magic I was pleasantly surprised by the $5 price tag…

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