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Nauru is a small island country in Micronesia, in the Central Pacific, northeast of Australia. Formerly known as ‘Pleasant Island’, it is the world’s smallest independent republic and was once among the world’s richest countries. Notwithstanding the present economic gloom, the island still offers glimpses of its former glory.

Nauru is not the easiest place to visit and is ranked one of the world’s least visited countries and most complicated visa process.

Capital: Yaren

Language: English, Nauruan

Currency: Australian Dollar

Weather: Nauru’s climate is hot and very humid year-round because of its proximity to the equator and the ocean.

Top Attractions:

Anibare Bay: where there are tropical beaches.

Nauru- tripadvisor

Buada Lagoon: a tropical body of water, and the only body of water on the island.


Command Ridge: the highest point of Nauru, with an elevation of 65 metres.


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