Why Real Leaders Have Strong Egos (And That’s A Good Thing)

Be wise or wisdom


Ego tends to get a bad rap in leadership circles, and it’s no wonder why. When somebody is said to “have an ego,” it’s typically meant that they’re arrogant, condescending, or self-absorbed. The best leaders are popularly cast as humble servants, visionaries who’ve managed to shrink their egos to make room for other people, ideas, and ways of doing things.

“Having an ego” simply means understanding the worldview through which you act.
Executives are routinely coached to turn away from ego altogether. They’re led to believe their egos will only get in the way of their credibility and effectiveness, and spell certain doom for their ability to forge a purposeful, positive, productive work culture.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Your Ego Is An Asset
Thinking about your ego as something to be stuffed down and barred from your professional life isn’t just counterproductive, it also misunderstands what ego…

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