Visual story telling

Stories of stores in stored way of a story


This brief was handed to us no longer than a week ago upon starting uni and it’s an individual project that asks us the students to create a story using any 2 images from a selection given to us and to make these 2 images link over the course of 12 key frames including the 2 selected pictures.These were the 2 pictures I selected, they caught my attention mostly due to the era it seemed to be captured in, somewhere from the start of the 1900’s to 1920’s and this era in the timeline interests me most. I interrogated both of the images trying to link them in any way I seemed fit to create a story that could stretch out into 12 key frames, with my notes jotted down I decided to draw some ideas, a storyboard to start with.

It’s a very basic story board to say…

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