The Single Easiest Habit That Will Make Full of Happiness

Get the root


Discover the root of your suffering so that you can overcome it

While this is no secret, the odds are good that in combing through your previous shortcomings and successes, your perspective was biased–and that jaded perception caused you to overlook some very important observations.

As we move forward into the new year, with each of us having ambitious goals complete with financial incentives and personal fulfillment, it’s important to pay attention to the subtle ways that we prevent our own success.

Psychology is a useful tool. When properly applied, theoretical lenses and psychological concepts can help illuminate patterns that we didn’t realize were present in our lives. In this article, I recommend that we take a closer look at what psychologists call experiential avoidance.

Experiential avoidance involves ongoing attempts to avoid thoughts, feelings, memories, or physical sensations–even when doing so is costly or harmful.

We all do this to…

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