Success Depends More on Personality Than Intelligence, New Study Shows



Most of us not gifted with an Einstein-size brain or extreme self-confidence have sometimes wondered: Am I really smart enough to achieve my dreams? Some of us have even turned down an offer or not pursued an opportunity because we’re afraid we simply don’t have the mental horsepower to succeed.

IQ has pretty much nothing to do with success.

Personality trumps smarts

To come to that conclusion, the researchers combed through data on IQ scores, standardized test results, grades, and personality assessments. They then calculated how closely each of these factors predicted future earnings.

What percentage of future success depended on a person’s IQ? (And yes, before I get angry tweets and comments, I understand “success” isn’t just about money, but that’s the measurable outcome these scientists used as a proxy for the word.) Only a miniscule 1 or 2 percent.

Put in layman’s terms, raw IQ scores hardly matter…

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