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I gotta confess I’m prone to suicidal thoughts. My parents pushed me into pursuing the science stream, so I’m stuck learning subjects like physics and chemistry which I don’t find interesting. For some reason, parents think just cuz their child scored well in science in high school, they’ll continue the same in the eleventh and twelfth grades. Sometimes, they’ve this mentality that just cuz they were toppers (a word that I loathe!) in school, their child will also top the school or be first highest in India or whatever. If your child isn’t passionate about studying, let him/her follow his/her other passions instead o’ pressurising him/her. Even if he/she is extremely good at academics an’ the parents want him/her to be a doctor/engineer (top two cliched professions), but he/she wants to pursue a career in music, they still force their dreams onto the child an’ it can be highly stressful…

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